Strange bell type noise from transmision


Hello all just got my first fourtrak 1993 tdx. all is fine with it. It starts, stops as it should but there is a strange bell ringing noise coming from the transmision. Like the bell on a cat coller. This only happens when you put your foot down, the accelartor peddel is like the volume control. Take your foot of the gas and it totaly stops. any suggestions would be apretiated.

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1. Check the universal on each end of the prop shaft
2. Could be a damaged clutch release plate.
3. Check the exhaust for loose brackets etc.

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Had a similar one many moons ago, a similar noise on a neighbours Fourtrak, looking back it was funny so i will share it with you all.

Under acceleration he had what sounded like a bell ringing, but could not trace it, there were no obvious symptoms, or other defects. The bottom of the vehicle was covered in mud and grass.
The grass had a lump of mud suck on one end, and embedded in it was a smallish stone, under acceleration this was hitting the rear propshaft balance weight. Pulling this off cured the problem; after that episode he cleaned it underneath after every off road foray.

is it a leaf spring model??

cos if it is chances are that noise is the little metal c clamps on the leaf springs that have worked loose, they rattle with the vibration of the vehicle as you accelerate, change the rear springs to stop it totally or just put some ducktape round them to stop em jingling, its nothing major the other thing is as already said, check the uj's on prop and clutch release spring bell housing area....

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack

Could also be

Could also be the clamp around the exhaust which attaches to one of the transfer box bolts. It comes loose or corrodes and snaps and then jingles up and down the exhaust making exactly the noise you describe.

Thanks for all the replies,

Thanks for all the replies, will get to work using your suggestions. Ill let you know how i get on.

Found the problem

Found out what was causing the problem. It was the exhaust silencer rattling on the heatsheald/gaurd. Thanks for everyones help.