gearbox and pas pump


It was my first time proper off roading (in my 2.8 tdl independant 1998 with insa turbo tyres) today which was brilliant fun and amazing where the fourtrak would go, but on the way home the car started making a nasty noice when turning left or right, could it be that the pas pump needs replaced? oh and the clutch stank while driving home which has been about 100 miles?, will it be on the way out?

The other drivers (the landrover boys with they're air lockers and massive wheels) were not impressed as i managed the tracks and hills, which some of them didn't, this amused me lots ha ha ha

I'll be greatful with any help


Sounds to me your belt that

Sounds to me your belt that drives the power steering pump is slipping.(if the nasty noise is a squeel ) The stink you think is the clutch is the belt heating up because of the belt slipping.

Power Steering

Usually it is the belt slipping, this is for one of two reasons normally.

PAS belts are very tight on Fourtraks, and when they are slightly loose and covered in mud and wet, they slip and squeal.

Other problems are the pump mounting bolts can shear, this is due to the original bolts material from which they were manufactured not being able to withstand the constant warming, then instant cooling from being immersed in water. This causes internal cracking over time, these then manifest themselves due to the constant vibration from the engine.
The simple solution id to replace the sheared bolts with grade 8.8 bolts, or higher; engineers suppliers, or fastener suppliers will understand these gradings and supply them accordingly.