fourtrak blow up. help


my sons fourtrak F70 N reg 1996, little end as gone need parts or a second hand engine all pistons have cracked number 2 the little end one is worse, is this normal to have a crack in the centre of all pistons? can I get pattern part pistons little end gasket set please help with were to find parts . manny thanks tel 01652 678727. rob. North Lincolnshire area.

Cracked Up

If you intend to rebuild the engine yourself, look up a company called SMS on the internet, these supply all Japanese engine components, from a piston to a gasket set.

Most engine reconditioners use these for their components, as they offer original quality at aftermarket prices.

Unfortunately i do not have their details to hand as their card is in my company car, this is currently in the bodyshop for about a week and a half.

blow up

Thanks are they uk based or Japan.
regards rob