Is this Charade worth selling or should it jsut be scraped?


My dad has a 1987-1988 1L red Charade. However the idiots in the area thought it cleaver to drive another car into and smash one of the windows. The window was fixed with Perspex. The car needs a bit of work mechanics wise. However it is the body that needs most work. It is still road worthy. Is it worth selling or should it be scraped?

I can't find anywhere to upload photos.

If you want i can email photos.

Scappy or Save

It's a personnal decision really.
Example: 1
I restored Mini's as a hobby and just finished a Mini 30. Restoration without my labour cost £6500. The value maybe £3000 if I'm lucky. If I now convert to LHD in France maybe 5000€, still a loss. I say restored as below example 2 made me give it up.

I have just scrapped a Riley Elf because in my opinion the body was too far gone and the costs would have exceeded the true value of the completed car. Now many would say that a Riley Elf is always to be saved nad that I am a swine for scrapping but, it is personal justification of the cost and the effort that must be considered.

If you have a personnal attachment or even a sentimental reason then restore it, if on the other hand, finance is to be considered and that will far out weigh it's value when completd then you will get more by selling the bits, sad as that may be.

In my own case I serched out this Riley for months but with the floor completley shot having been welded over old rotten metal and the bulkhead air conditioned with rust the decision to scrap was done although I had all ready reconditioned the front mechanics, engine the works.

Think hard about the cost and value to you and then make the decision and stick by it. In my case I have pondered and restored many parts knowing full well that the floor was bad. It wasn't until I finally took the interior out that the true extent of rot and bodging was seen. I was sick to the pit of my stomach but accepted after some deliberation that it was "throwing good money after bad".

I still have the 30 which reminds me, every time I see it in the garage, not to start any more restorations


M J Young