Co2 emissions Hijet


Any one know where I can find official figures for the CO2 emissions for my 1.3EFI Hijet.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I cannot find any figures,

I cannot find any figures, but it will also depend on the year as there were changes to the system (presuably to meet Euro 3)

Co2 emissions

Thanks M4X for trying.
My Hijet is 1999.
its been a frustrating couple of weeks trying to dig out this info, I am hopeful that the figures may be in the service manual, but these manuals seem to be as scarce as hens teeth.
There does not seem to be a direct link to the manufacturer either that i can email. I tried ringing the distributors but they werent really interested in going to any trouble on my behalf.
Anyway back to searching, i appreciate your help.


Why do you specifically need the Co2 figures Unknw When it comes to the m.o.t test, the station gas analyser will also be looking at carbon monoxide, and oxides of nitrogen etc., to get a full emissions picture. There are many things that can influence the pass or fail, these include faults on the catalytic converter or the Lambda sensor. I don't have the exact Co2 figure for the Hi-Jet to hand, but if you really need it, I'll try and dig it out ??


Hi Jetex
Thanks for reply.
When I was looking to buy a Hijet in Ireland I could not find anything suitable and ended up buying one in London.
I need the figures for the revenue Commissioners to enable me to pay VRT duty and then I will be issued with my Reg Number.
I will then have to have it NCT'D (MOT'D) which I expect it to pass without any problems.
My problem is that they dont have a Hijet or any comparable vehicle on their database so they tell me the onus is on me to provide confirmation of the Co2 emissions which is what they work on when calculating the Duty.
They wont accept figures from the NCT centre as they operate on different parameters. ?????.
what I need to do is state that the Co2 emissions are ?? and be able to confirm that from a clear source.
i called to my local office and it seems that they have a bit of leeway in what they are prepared to accept. The guy I spoke to had cleared a Xantia earlier that morning and the Co2 figure was given in drivers handbook and that was acceptable. Unfortunatly the daihatsu drivers manual is of no use as it does not refer to these figures.
Sooooo while i reckon my figure should be around 137 I have to be able to quote a source for this figure.
If you can do something or point me in the right direction I would be seriously greatful.

Hi-Jet Emissions

Hi Mike, your problem has got me thinking. I checked my registration document for the Hi-Jet, and it normally gives an emission figure expressed in grammes per kilometre. However, my registration document is blank in this area. The DVLA ( Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency ), must get their figures from somewhere. I pay £120 road tax for my van, which is the same as my wife's Fiat Punto. You may be able to E-mail them, just put DVLA into Google. I'm now on a mission to look into this, as I'm sure that the figure for my 993cc engine must be very low, and if it's below 100, you don't pay any road tax. My friend pays £37 per year, for his Citroen C4 diesel. Hardly fair is it Unknw If I find anything out, I'll let you know.


Thanks Jetex
Excellent suggestion, I have sent an email to the DVLA asking for details of the HI jets tax band.
Hopefully I wll get something from this, If so I will post it straight away.


Hi All
Im still struggling with my Co2 problem, i have failed to find any documentation showing the Co2 emission for the Hijet.
The guy in the Revenue Commissioners that i have been speaking to is sympathtetic but needs something in writing. Apparantly the Hijet was not sold by Daihatsu in Ireland and so its not on the Revenue database here. He told me that a lot of imported vehicles have the Co2 figures somewhere on their documentation (mine being 1999 doesnt) So if there was some kind soul out there with a Hijet registered after 2001 (when the change in the Motor Tax came about) that might give a look at their registration document and see if it quotes a Co2 figure it might be the solution to my problem.
Heres hoping


Update for anyone who's interested, DVLA advised me that the Hijet MPV is classified as a light goods !!! and as such is taxed on engine size so no assistance there for my Co2 figures.

CO2 Figures

Given a little more thought to your problem of finding CO2 figures, vehicles which are imported need to reach minimum emission requirements e.g. Euro3 If you find these figures you are at least finding the minimum figure????

The other thought is that to get transport for london cc exemption the vehicle has to be on the powershift register as a "band 4" clean vehicle. Now maybe, just maybe powershift have the figures before conversion??

Hi. My 2003 Hijet (LPG) also


My 2003 Hijet (LPG) also doesn't have the co2 figures. It was also classed as an 4 X 4 vehicle on the log book even though it isn't.

Today I thought I'd phone Daihatsu about LPG filters, who were there usual helpful selfs ie we don't sell them or know anything about them. Anyway I eventually asked for a bigger branch to no avail when I asked for where they send of to their parts dept. So I was given a number of 0121 747 4000, apparently Daihatsu UK. I spoke to John, Alderman I think, who answered as Daihatsu Technical.

He said they do not have the CO2 figures available to reduce the tax but they do have some CO2 figures. He didnt' say exactly and I didn't ask (Maybe next time?).

He did say that the LPG system was not factory fitted. He said he used to fit the LPG systems himself. He said that they were imported into the UK and then had the LPG system fitted. In my opinion this is still classed as factory fitted.

There surely must be some legal issue we can push in order to find this information out. Maybe acuuse the DVLA or Daihatsu of fraud/ deception, small claims courts judgements etc.

PS. I've just emailed powershift out of curiosity. If I hadn't gotten annoyed with the Daihatsu dealers shoddy attitude and shedding of responsibity then I wouldn't have been as bothered but now I want to get stuck in!


cake1.. yep lets ALL get

cake1.. yep lets ALL get stuck in.If we ALL get on to this then some one some where has got to listen hay. so come on lads lets go to war an teach em not too pick on the litte guys so to speak.? first step is wot?...........................................


Hijet CO2

One of my 2002 registered hijet has NO CO2 figures in the registration document, the other is LPG converted and is exept from London CC but again no figures for that!!