New Terios - Remote Control - need another


Hi all, first post here.

I have a brand new Terios SE, love it.

It only came with one remote for the immobiliser (is this normal?) (not the alarm)

I really need a second plip and can get one on ebay, but can I 'tune' it to the car myself (like O could with my RAV4) or do I need a specialist?

Thanks all


Thanks, I only have the

Thanks, I only have the factory fitted immobiliser, not an alarm, does this make any difference to the fob?


Fobbed Off

No, generally it makes no difference, modern alarm systems integrate the alarm with the immobiliser so the same one will switch them both off.

Out Of Control

Remotes are available, but will need programming to the specific vehicle alarm system, then the specific vehicle. Main agents will do this for you, but at a cost, and a high cost at that.

Many independent specialists may be able to help, this depends on whether they have the software to programme to your vehicle. This is not a problem for mainstream vehicles, but it may result in you searching for the elusive independent who has invested the money to purchase the required software.

I just bought an 06 Terios

I just bought an 06 Terios this weekend, I asked about the lack of 2nd keyfob.

I was told - they are supplied witgh one - a 2nd can be sorted for £45.

This was Dihatsu/Subaru in Cardiff on Hadfield Road.

Hope it helps Wink