Girl here! How do you install a fan speed resistor in a 2000 Sirion?


Hi All

I have a 2000 Sirion Smile

Air-con/heater blows on nothing but highest setting.

Need to replace fan speed resistor??

- Could someone please tell me the steps for where to find it and how to remove the old and install the new?

I am a 23 y/o uni student who has little money. Trying to save on paying auto electrician to do that which I'm told can be a 15 min job.

I can pick up the part for $36 from the Daihatsu centre in Sydney (Aust).

Please make steps clear.

Much appreciated Wink

-Megan xxx

could be the resistor or it

could be the resistor or it could be the switch itself, i would be more inclined to think its the switch

i reckon the best bet is to get whoever told you its a 15 minute job and challenge them to do it in that time Wink

if you are in aus you should get on to the daiclub site, its mostly aussies and it is much easier to navigate than this site