Noisy problems with 1990 Sportrak! Pls Help


A few problems. I have bought my first Daihatsu after being a die hard Vitara fan and am having a few teething problems. Firstly, there seems to be a "water feature" under the bonnet, when you accelerate it sounds like, well, a faulty toilet. (?)! Scratch one-s head Secondly, is second gear. When you start it up and drive off, in first and try for second it just has none of it.... you have to stop by the side of the road and then start off again, normally its absolutely perfect after that, infact it drives a dream really, but it is a bit irritating. Ive even tried driving it about in the drive first, but it's still a grumpy }:)

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gush or tap, tap ?

The acceleration noise could be the distributor being too advanced. How competant are you in recognising ignition faults/ re-timing the ignition?
Gearbox ..... have you checked if main gearbox and transfer box both have sufficient oil of the correct type? [ does gerbox oil need replacing - I recollect it needs changing every 48000miles]

no, its gush......

Ive had the car checked and they can't find what the noise is. Scratch one-s head
I will get the oil checked. Its done 125 000 miles so its probably due for a change as I have no service history! Any other ideas welcome!!!!! Smile

Check the ignition timing fir

Check the ignition timing firstly. On the Sportrak correct timing can only be accomplished with one vacuum advance line (sub timing, located closest to the distributor body) disconnected and plugged.
If this has not been done correctly, timing will be retarded resulting in poor performance. It is also worthwhile checking valve clearances on the engine whilst it is hot and having a look at the electrics of the ignition system as Sportys are known for burning the high tension tower of the ignition coil and if leads are in bad shape (i.e. high internal resistance) the engine can crossfire. I would also be checking for vacuum leaks on the rubber hoses attached to the inlet manifold. Problems during upshifting from 1st to 2nd gear sound like they could just be caused by poor clutch adjustment or a contaminated clutchplate.

David Mc


Actually Ive just had a hose replaced. Smile I have noticed it isn't performing as well as it could do, because it's supposed to be 2 seconds faster from 0-60 than a vitara, but it seems to be struggling a bit compared to the vitara I had before. (especially hills! It gives up half way even with predictive gear changing)
The clutch is fine, and so are the gears after its warmed up, just when its cold. Scratch one-s head

There is a well documented fa

There is a well documented fault with Fourtrack gear boxes..I am not sure whether the same fault occurs with the Sportrack. The main shaft nut loosens over time untill it eventually proves impossible to change through the gears...the selector forks in the box are unable to function properley. The fix is to drop the box and either tighten or replace the offending nut (provided no lasting damage has occurred).
I thought I had the 'problem' with my elderly,high milage track.When cold it is difficult, though, not impossible to shift up and down into 2nd gear. However once warmed up (after about 5-10 mins) its not a problem at all. This has been the case for the last three years hasn't gotten any worse I live with it.
Maybe another Sportrack owner out there can enlighten you further m8.
Just thought I would mention the 'problem'

Evil Gearboxes....!

Hiya mike,
Thanks for your advice, glad to hear your 2nd gear isn't impossible....dya wanna swap? Biggrin The offending nut will be interigated whist the oil is being changed.

The main shaft nut problem is

The main shaft nut problem is very well documented. However that usually affects 3rd & reverse first, and involves mucho crunching noises, not just point blank refusing to engage.
The 2nd gear thing is also well known. It just a Daihatsu 4x4 thing. The answer is to lern to duble-the-clutch, or to go straight from 1st to 3rd for the first few miles untill the gearbox oil has a chance to warm up (and consiquently thin out). That's it. It won't sudenly go bang. It won't stop working all together. It's just your car saying 'I'm a Daihatsu, I have carracture'.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

2nd gear

2nd gear on my sprtrak is difficult, i am going to change the oil and put an additive like slick 50 in to see if makes any difference. anyone got a reccomendation on gbox oil(s)??



Sporty problems


Can't really help you regarding the performance/toilet (!!) problems im afraid, but just to say the sportrak should be a very nippy little thing, altho it needs reving, especially on hills. Plus i find mine needs to be held in 2nd for a long time (5,500 revs or so) to enable you to change into 3rd and keep the pace (on hills especially).

But regarding your gearbox problems, i have got exactly the same on mine. Getting into second can be a nightmare when cold, and likewise trying to pop it back into first (eg, when aproaching a give-way in traffic). Sometimes dubble-de-clutching works, but not always.

I dont know what the problem is, but i was planning on getting the gearbox oil changed next service, and i keep reading about the fourtrack 'box probs (regarding the nut coming loose) and hoping its different on sporty's!! (cant afford to have the 'box dropped out of it!)

Keep us posted if you get it sorted,


Hiya nat,
thanks for the advice. Im getting the oil changed on tuesday along with an MOT, I hope it passes

Sporty MOT


How did it get on with the MOT then? Just wondering because mine is up in a month or so. Anything i should look out for?! Has the oil change helped the gearbox?


PS - i notice you're also a young sportrak driver and was wondering who yours is insured with? Mine is up for renewal soon and im starting to see which company will rob me of the least!!

Miracle cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My car passed its MOT (woohoo) and also had a gear oil change, and the gears are now perfect! it's unbelieveable, I had a garage change the oil and he also put in something else to make the gears move better, i will find out the name and post it. About insurance, everyone will rob you no matter who you go with! but Im with admiral on a fast tracker policy (10 months) and its over £1000, :o mainly because I just lost my no claims and noone else will insure me for anything reasonable. Sad Daihatsus are alot more than other 4x4's apparently because there are less of them and they are more desirable and according to tesco insurance..... the drivers have more accidents, (?)!!!! If your over 25 you shouldnt have too much trouble, ie; with Tesco, admiral or direct line, admiral are better if your younger like poor me!
anyway hope this helps, pls spread news of the miracle cure... lol

Sporty gearbox and insurance

Hi Sarah,

Glad to hear your sportrak passed its MOT, and thanks for the feedback on the gearbox oil change - think i'll definately get mine done. If you could find out what else they put in it would be great, too.

Re: insurance, i envy you paying a tiny little £1000!!! My 1995 Sporty, third party F&T for me (20 yr old male), £1400! Just coming up for renewal, and looking around i think it'll go just below the £1000 mark now cos i'll have 1yr no claims (drove my mums car for the 2 yrs before having the Daihatsu). They do seem to be a little bit more to insure than similar vehicles (eg Vitara's), but they are a bit faster, and i suppose parts are rarer and therefore more expensive. Not sure about us lot having more accidents tho!!


PS - im insured with Liverpool Victoria, and were by far (i.e, £400-500) the cheapest quote i got.




ive got a fourtrak x reg i pay 337.89 fully comp 27 years old 4yrs no claims through cis insurance giv them a try Smile


Hi Nat,
£1400?...!!!! Really? Im sorry to say, I think it's cause ur a bloke! I insured a suzuki vitara at 18 on a provisional license fully comp for £1100 with admiral. I'd really shop around!

P.s I'll get back to you on the gear stuff, but apparently only garages can get their hands on it.

Good luck,

Re: insurance

Yeah, it probably is because im male! And also because im a student probably too!! I looked at vitara's and had quotes that were less than the Sportrak, but i prefered the Sportrak. Also found the age of vehicle made quite a difference. I tried admiral, cant remember what they quoted tho. Highest quote was about £9000!!! I lost count how many quotes i had - i basically went through 4x4 mags, etc and contacted everyone i found!

Sounds like you got a very very good deal with admiral for your vitara. I'll try them again for renewal.


Miracle cure!!!!!!!!!!!


Change gear box oil.
For a newer car use synthetic.
yes auto, even if its manual!

It's worked for me!
Maybe it'll be lucky for anyone with the same problem