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I have a 53 reg YRV 130 turbo. Last year I had new tail pipes(? - I'm a woman - I don't know what they are called!!) I am now told I sound like a tractor going down the road. What do I need and where is the cheapest place to get it without buying tail pipes (?) again. Can anyone help please??

Hi There, Okay first things

Hi There,

Okay first things first. An exhaust usually comes in 3 sections. front, middle and rear. From what you describe you may have had the rear section replaced (tail pipes) because of corrossion. It maybe that either the middle or rear sections have now corroded also and you have a hole in the exhaust system causing the tractor like noises. Your best bet is to get it to a daihatsu dealership/service centre for them to take a look and get the offending section replaced.
Not to worry you but the exhaust system on the YRV turbo is custom made by Daihatsu for the U.K market and is known to give problems. Your other option, although I don't think you want to go this route is either buy a complete new stainless steel system like a blitz nur-spec R (Something I have had fitted recently) but is a loud boy racers exhaust, but is guaranteed for a lifetime. Or as some has done go for a custom mdae stainless steel exhaust system but you need to look around for these type of places.
Either way once that offending section of the exhaust with the hole has been replaced the next section of the exhaust will be next likely to go and need replacing.

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YRV Turbo Exhausts

I agree with jpor, having had one middle section and two rear sections replaced in 4 1/2 years of ownership.

I decided to get a custom made exhaust from the catalytic convertor backwards retaining the twin rear pipes - cost me just under £300, and will last 10+ years.

It also sounds better than the standard exhaust Smile