Fast idle


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I have a 1994 1.6 elxi sporty and it seems to have a problem with the idle speed. When started in the morning it runs on choke at apx 1300rpm, when the engine has warmed up the revs only drop to apx 1000rpm. I have had the efi system checked over and reset to factory settings but even after driving around all day the revs are very reluctant to drop below 1000. I understand the revs at idle should be 750. is something sticking somewhere and if so what? Scratch one-s head
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fast idle

my sportrak had the same slow the tickover downto the left of the enginecis a aluminium coloured block with efi moulded into it,standing at the front looking at the engine,the adjusting screw is located at the front right of this block under a rubber bung,with the engine warm the screw needs to turn clockwise to slow the tickover down.
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Re fast idle

Hi Gingerferret,
Yes i have tried to do as you say and screwed the adjuster right down but does not alter the idle speed on the car.:( I have cleaned the throttle housing with some carb cleaner but still doesnt help. i think the choke may be sticking but dont know how to get at it to adjust it Cray 2
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Check that the throttle cable has slack [at the carb] when the foot pedal is released.

Is the throtal cable sticking

Is the throtal cable sticking? This would stop the linkage on the carb from going right back to the stopper. The iner cable of the throtel cabel has a plastic coating. I've found that this sometimes starts to breack down, and becomes sticky. Easy way to find out. Get engine warm. Rev her up. Then get hold of the throtal linkage on the carb, and see if it's resting right on the stopper, os if there's still some gap. If there's a gap close it. Do the rev's drop? If it does you could have a cable that's sticking, or a brocken/missing return spring.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Throttle cable

Hi All,
Yes checked throttle cable and all is well with that but still takes ages for revs to drop to any where near 1000rpm Scratch one-s head I guess it will have to go into the local daihatsu dealers for them to sort it out }:)
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fast idle

Check all vacuum hoses attached to the inlet manifold side of the engine. If one has failed and is allowing air to enter the engine, the ecu will automatically compensate by enrichening the fuel mix and the result will be that the engine will idle fast.

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Fast idle

Oh boy there are a lot of hoses to check and they are in the most inaccessable places Cray 2Shok
Oh well it will give me something to do
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