Help needed, key broke in door lock


hi everyone

we have a 97 r reg fourtrak 2.8 tdx. we bought it second hand and were only given 2 keys with it. one key has a slim black hexaganol end and it opens the doors and petrol cap but will not start the engine.
the other key has a bulbous grey end with the daihatsu logo on, it wont open the doors or petrol cap but it will start the engine.

now the missus has snapped the thin black ended key in half in the drivers side door lock. she thinks that the end of the key is not in the lock but i think it has to be.

this has never happened to me before and i dont know what the hell to do to be honest!

ive just rang a diahatsu dealer in swansea and he said they can get copies of the ignition key if i give him the chassis and reg no. but they cant get copies of the key that opens the doors. he said my only bet is to try and find both halfs of the key and then go and try to get a copy cut. he said if the keys in the door lock and it wont come out and i cant get a copy cut then i would need a complete set of new locks i.e. door, ignition, key and decoder box and id be looking at around £800.

one question arises, is the original bulbous grey key that starts the ignition meant to open the doors as well? i ask because i have a horrible feeling someone at sometime has had either the door locks or igniton changed which is going to complicate things.

Can anyone offer advice on what to do?

The same key should do all.

The same key should do all. They often don't due to (as you sumise) wear, tear and replacement. If you can't retrive the second half of the key (you will need to get the key barrel out of the door to even try) then your best bet will be a set of second hand locks and key from a breakers. Lot cheeper than the dealer price. You can prob get ignition barrel at the same time to make it one key fits all, again.

Try '£1 for a wheel nut' adds on e-bay. They are usually breaking whole car. You ask for what you want via 'ask seler a question' then they post it as a 'bye it now' auction.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

as the locks are seperate

as the locks are seperate items to the handle the replacement aint that hard, lots of them available in scrap yards as long as they have the keys, other than that remove the lock, tap the face of the lock firmly onto a piece of wood and if the keys still in there you should dislodge it enough to use a pair of thin tweezers to remove the broken key part

Locked Up

Daihatsu are a rare breed, the door locks contain the key number on them.
Remove the trim panel, and any associated items to gain access to the lock barrel inside the door, clean the lock thoroughly and you should see the number on the lock. Ensure you copy this correctly, and your local Daihatsu dealer will be able to cut you one or more keys from this number.

To remove the broken bit of key from the lock, using a small welding rod, place a small amount of superglue on the very end, push this into the lock until it is in contact with the broken key. Leave this for 15 minutes, then carefully withdraw the welding rod and the broken key.

Probalby best to change the

Probalby best to change the entire lockset (doors, ign.)yourself with one from a breakers.
Search online breakers as well as your local dump. You may pay a bit more but it'll save you the fag of going down and taking it all off yourself.

Just a point - Do you have an alarm system which can trigger the central locking via voltage drop? If not, then you can get one fairly cheap nowadays and - Hey presto - Keyless entry.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty