Just changed plugs and fule filter now have a tapping noise..


Just changed the plugs and fuel filter and now I have a tapping noise. Doesn't affect driveability and really doesnt sound like its from the motor....When i rev the noise gets drowned out by engine noise.

Anyone have any ideas what it could be??

I know its hard to explain but eh vehicle runs and drives fine just when at an idle I now have a tapping that is more like a purrrr that i can feel in the wheel and in the pedals.

Thanks guys.

Well I put the old fuel

Well I put the old fuel filter back on and the noise is gone....

Very strange.


Check that you removed all the spanners and tools from the engine bay. Wink

Yeah I had done that. I

Yeah I had done that. I drove it around last night with it making noise inside the cab. This AM I woke up and put the old fuel filter back on and bingo. No more noise.....I also didnt find any tools or parts laying around the engine bay either Smile

Very strange I agree.

Locate it ............

Can you locate the noise? A useful method is by using a metal bar or similar. Position one end of the metal bar around the engine and the other end at your ear. Usually it locates a knock.
Perhaps the baffle is loose within the new filter and the car's motion causes the rattle.

Good tip. Thanks. I am

Good tip. Thanks. I am going to order a new fuel filter from Daihatsu and see how that one goes.