The Inevitable Is Happening


Well; the inevitable is happening, a source of information has informed me that the Government are looking into the possibilities of introducing legislation to prevent anyone making their own fuel. This has been sparked by the dramatic increase in incidents such as explosions while making bio diesel, and mixing or blending various other components to diesel to make it go further. Representations from the HSE, fire brigades, and insurers are the catalyst for the proposals to introduce this legislation.

HSE representations centre around the explosions and the toxic nature of many of the chemicals used, as well as the conditions in which most of this fuel is manufactured. These are cited as wooden garden sheds, garages, and on occasions, residential dwellings. Legislation is in place as regards the nature of many volatile or corrosive substances in residential or private properties, as well as many local bye laws limiting the amount of fuel which may be stored in anything other than vehicles or approved storage tanks.

Fire brigades are citing the risks to their firemen from the risk of primary explosions, secondary explosions such as gas mains rupturing, and the toxic fumes emitted from many of the chemicals used in the various processes. Further issues surround the structural damage to the manufacturers, and adjacent properties to the manufacturing site.

Insurers are quoting local bye laws, contractual conditions of their insurance policies, and potential environmental issues such as cleaning up the chemical spills. Company liability insurance covers these areas for businesses, but not for residential properties, so they are saying seperate insurance needs to be taken out to cover these risks.
Insurers have to date managed to wriggle out of paying for damage for these explosions, and damage to other properties, so the precedent has been set. Legally and contractually they are on solid ground.

Initial suggestions are that manufacturers of such fuels in domestic dwellings will be prohibited from manufacturing any kind of fuel, this includes the mixing of the various oils with diesel fuel. Home manufacturers will have to conform to strict standards similar to commercial manufacturers, and also be licensed; and will only be allowed to utilise approved equipment such as the fuel pod, or other such commercially manufactured refining equipment. These will have to be approved, and no doubt licencesed, following testing and approval from the Government.
Storage of fuel will be limited to 25 litres in an approved portable fuel container, or be stored in an approved and fully bunded and licensed fuel tanks.

Although it is in the very early stages, it is something which we cannot ignore.

There we go again, the Nanny

There we go again, the Nanny state mixed with the tresuries greed, over people being alowed to use their own common sence (or lack there of).

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Government Cock Up

Unfortunately it is not the nanny state this time, nor the treasuries greed, it is simple safety to residents around producers of bio fuels.

Insurers are citing local bye laws to absolve their liabilities, but let me ask a simple question. If your house was structurally damaged by a neighbours explosion, and you could not claim; you had to take them to court for damages, would you want them stopping? The answer would be yes.
If your wife and children were playing outside and breathing the fumes of many of the toxic chemicals used in manufacturing bio fuel, would you want it stopped? Yes would be the answer again.
If these toxic chemicals were stored in inappropriate conditions , for example in a garden shed with a leaky roof, and they ran onto your garden, would you want this stopped? The answer would again be yes.
If you and your family were suddenly evacuated from your house at some ungodly hour when you were all in bed, because a neighbours fuel producing facilities were on fire, and spewing out toxic fumes. You had to spend the night on some local hall floor, would you want it stopped? the answer is again yes.

Problems centre around the Government in the environmental hype surrounding environmental issues, the high cost of fuel, and the conflict on much of the current legislation, which is neither clear nor easily known by the general public.

Had the Government looked into the implications of the legislation, their conflicts, and introduced a set of easily manageable legislation for home producers of bio fuels, all these problems could have been avoided. Much of this misinformation on the internet would then be worthless, as the legislation would not allow dangerous practices to happen. Neighbours of fuel producers would then be safe in the knowledge that their property was not at risk, neither would their health.
Again; another typical government cock up.

bound to happen

Big brother is watching again!! (or is it big tossers??) anyway, it was bound to happen sooner or later cos of the loss in tax, good old tax we just love it, the rich stay rich and the poorer get poorer, also with the insurance cover - how do you explain a big bang in yer garden, its this country all over, it just sucks, lets all build a wall round london..

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