Hi Guys,

I just fitted a new bolt that was missing from the arm that runs down the side of the engine block, this bolt wasnt quite short enuogh, but i think correct size (M9?) anyway, thats holding ok, but i noticed when the steering is moved, the PAS pump does wobble, but it does work. How many other bolts are there, where are they and what size?? hope you can help!


I had similar problem and the belt starts to squeal on any turning circle.
Take another look. There is a moon shaped adjuster which has a bolt passing through. The adjuster is secured by tensioning/tightening the bolt. Has the bolt dropped out and got lost?

no Mace, its not that, thats

no Mace, its not that, thats nice and tight, its the WHOLE PUMP that wobbles, so I suspect a loose bolt, but i just need to know how many tehre should be, as things are a bit greasy down there, its hard to tell!


Dont be lazy and expect someone else to count the bolts. It will take me 10minutes to find the details on the Sporty CD disc! Get your hands dirty and clean it up. There might be a bolt loose. lol

guys, i fixed it temporarily

guys, i fixed it temporarily by fitting a new bolt, turned out the new bolt was slightly too long, but its fitted, and the arm of the pump isnt vibrating now., all i need is another bolt on the front of the pump...