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just trying to change my auto hubs to manual ones, fourtrak 1991,i did post a topic and you guys came back and said that it was a case of unbolting and just bolting up the manuals,i thank you for that info.
seem to have a bit of a problem though, i have unbolted the auto hub ok,but when i offer up the manual one it doesnt go all the way, there is a cone type of thing thats protruding from the hub that fails on the inside of the manual hub before the flanges get a chance to meet,
question 1- is that cone sprung loaded and i can just pull the flanges together using the 5 bolts?
question 2- i am guessing that the cone is there to center the hub, do you have to remove this to fit the manual one?
quetsion 3- is there a difference between a 1991 model and a 1992 as i think the manuals are infact off a 1992 model
i thought that models 1989-1993 fourtraks were al the same, am i wrong?



clean out the hub, you

clean out the hub, you should find a circlip on the drive shaft. take that off careflly, assume you have taken the big spring out, behind that is a plate with two or three screws, take screws out and then you can remove the cone your talking about, behind that is the hub adjusting nut, take that off and replace with he two nuts and the locking plate you should have with the manual hubs


Hi, thanks for your time, sorry to sound thick but what you are talking about is that with the hub that comes off or the bit thats left on the car?

Hub swap

'91 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

the only problem that I had was due to the two lugs protruding fron the hub prevented the auto hubs from seating correctly, I ground these down untill the new hubs seated.Replacment of auto hubs with manual
Replacment of auto hubs with manuals
Submitted by ews on Sun, 17/06/2007 - 00:16.

Hi all.

This post refers to a '92, 2.8 TDX Fourtrak (Leaf Sprung), five stud fixing hub.

I purchased a manual hub kit from 'Milners', it was with me next day , good service, and correct.

The kit was two hub assemblies,(AVM made in Brazil), plus a snap ring , two 52mm nuts and a locking tab/washer /spacer, for each hub. The fitting instructions included with the hub assemblies, quite plain and straight forward, but I thought 'Milners' should have included an explanation as to what the other parts , (the two 52mm nuts and the locking/tab washer,plus a snap ring per hub) were for, and how to use them. I recognized them straight away, front wheel bearing adjuster /retainer parts.

I replaced the snap ring for a cirlip(much easier to fit and remove).( as advised by a post on this site, thanks to you, RFman, I think??)

I jacked the truck up, then proceeded to the removal of the auto hubs,this was was straight forward, the clutch/brake component remaining in the wheel hub was difficult to remove,but with patience it came out, then allowing access to the small screws which held the wheel bearing adjuster nut. I replaced this with the new 52mm nuts and locking washer/tab, adjusting the free play out of the wheel bearing and packing them with grease.

Then I offered up the new AVM hub assembly, snag !!!!!, the wheel hub had two locating pins protruding from it, even though the AVM hub had recceses cast into it , the new hub assembly would not mate ,even with the gasket supplied,so I packed the wheel hub and bearing with rags and got out the angle grinder and reduced the length of theses pins/dowels, so the new assembly would mate without rocking on these pins. Placed the gasket on and tapped on the gasket supplied to cut new holes to accommodate these pins.

Copper coated the original set screws and fixed the assembly in place, Using a tourqe wrench at 30ft/lbs. The small set screws(specials) used to fix the cover in place ,very delicate, copper coated and just tightened up ,minimal force required to lock these in place. ( I use this anti seize compound every time I remove and replace a bolt/screw)

Both sides done, so I placed the truck on four axle stands and fired 'Chunky' up, engaged 4L, all wheels rotated, tried 4Hi, (Dash switch) all wheels rotated. No slack in the front wheel bearings. Jobs Done !!!!. Now have more confidence in the girl.

Many thanks to all who have posted information on this site in the past and recently, with reference to front hubs.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX