Squeak, squeak,squeak.squeak,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


'91 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Its driving me nuts, and I am getting grief from my partner.

I have replaced both drivers and passenger door hinges, and over the last few weeks the squeaks have got worse, yep the the doors fit okay, no problem. I have placed foam strip ( draft excluder type stuff)around the door tops, so doors are really tight, tweeked the door tops inward with the glass down, and still this bloody squeak, squeak, it's constant. Then I found if I held my fingers against the glass it stops the squeak, and found if I opened the windows aprox an inch ,no squeaks, is that little plastic retainer on the frame worn. Suggestions welcome as its driving me mad, and I am slightly deaf, worse still my partner has incredible sharp hearing, and she is giving me grief over this.

i pod

First suggestion is buy your other half an i pod, with this in it will cut down the noise of moaning considerably.
Seriously, remove the door panel, check all the glass slides, clean them in the rubber lined grooves with Armor-All or similar. Check all the mounting bolts for everything in the door, anything loose will squeak, grease and oil everything which moves, particularly the window winder mechanism.
Run the vehicle on the road to identify where the noise is actually coming from. it will be easier with the panel removed.

One i had recently was the bolt had come out of the bottom of the glass channel on my Terrano, a quick fix and serviced everything in the door while it was off. One other thing may be the glass rubbing on the rubber weather strip on the outside of the door, removed it, bent the mounting clips, this tensioned it tighter against the glass.

squeek squeek

try tightening up th3 3 screws that hold on the wing mirrors, silly i know but believe me i just spent 2 day completely stripping both dorrs too find out the damned squeek came from the fact they wernt tight. good luck

wrong vehicle

wrong choice of vehicle for comfort at that age ha ha!!

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

youtube: Redfourtrack