New Hijet EFI 1.3 owner


Hi new member have myself a mini beast in the form of a six seater mpv how cool are these little vans/mpvs, can anyone answer some of these questions for me.

whats the mpg on the 1.3efi 6 seater as my petrol dial thingy is broken ( not technical name ) Unknw

are parts expensive and do they exist and if so were do i go to get them from Unknw

does anyone now how much a new starter will cost Unknw

ohh before I forget when starting up beasty she sometimes hesitates a second and then starts any ideas wiuld be very welcoming as i am non mechanical at the moment and puzzled.

I just love taking the family out in this little devil, she is lots of fun to drive and plenty of room for the kids and dog, she,s like a tardis.

anyway must dash got some sunlight so time to re paint my silver roof which has peeled off, common problem i have been told with this colour.

will be posting fairly regular on here so over and out.

many many thanks for any help advice and info.

hi-jet owners together we unite.

speak soon jay.


Hi Jay,
Sorry can't help with your problems but can say I bought one of these brand new in late 90's Cracking little bus and great fun. Mine had bodykit, rear spoiler. nice alloys etc. It also had 2 sunroofs. The only problems I had was a poor seal on filler cap which allowed fuel to leak on bends. (replaced under guarantee) and the sunroofs did leak and stain the roof lining (very common)
I had a small garden centre business and when collecting stock I could remove the seats and use her as a van. Great. Her biggest test was a trip from Yorkshire to Somerset (near 600 miles round trip) and returned full of concrete garden ornaments. Very heavy. But she cruised along at 80 ish and felt really stable.
Hope you have as much fun as I did. looking forward to reading your updates. I now have the Sirion Rally 2 see recent post on here...Cheers,

thanks for the info freind

great bit of information, especially on the fuel cap as i noticed a strong smell around the fuel cap, and sure enough it was doing the same as yours so i have now replaced the cap and all seems well.

took my wife and son out today, a little bit bumpy today as we are expecting another baby very soon, ie, 37wks tomorrow.

booking her in on tuesday for a little health check, thats the car not the wife.

well keep you posted on the outcome.

speak soon jay.

So it's 'Bumps' all the way

So it's 'Bumps' all the way then Jay? Congratulations!!
You will certainly find the Hijet bumps and bounces. Thats the charm of the little beast but aren't they just fun to drive. sitting right up front as you do??

Hi-Jet parts

Hi Jay,
The parts for a Hi-Jet can be expensive, very expensive or horrendously expensive depending on what you're looking for. I bought a plastic steering column bush which cost £17, but would be less than a fiver for another vehicle. Apart from consumables ( air/oil filters, spark plugs etc. ) which can be bought from a local motor factor, any other part would have to be from a Daihatsu dealer or scrapyard. Japanese parts tend to be expensive because of the shipping costs, although some parts come from Italy ! As for your starter motor, have a look in your local Yellow Pages for a company that repairs alternators and starter motors, they should be able to overhaul yours if a reconditioned unit is not available.

I was wondering 'jetex' if

I was wondering 'jetex' if Piaggio parts from their Porter range are identical to the Hijet and if so would that be the cheaper option. They are still making these and I see Woodford Motor Company in Essex are UK Dealers. Just a thought.