blue smoke from (94) fourtrak 2.8td engine


i have got a fourtrak engine thats been sat for a few months and it started fine first time, but there is blue smoke comming out the exhaust when you rev it. when idle it is as sweet as anything but once you rev it there is blue smoke from it, this was even after 20 mins of running it. any ideas on what might be the cause of this and how to fix it? to be honest i have not got very good mechanical Knowledge but have got a friend that will help out on anything that needs doing, or are we getting a little to ahead of our selves here?

thanx in advance....

If the smoke is blue..this su

If the smoke is blue..this suggest a new set of glow plugs (about £15-20)
You might also want to clean the injectors with STP treatment or the like...any accessory place or Halfords (sic) will stock it....worked for me prior to m.o.t.
You simply follow instructions on the bottle...add STP injector cleaner to your fuel tank and take her for a long run at high revs.


Black smoke = fuel burn Smile clean or renew injectors
Blue smoke = oil burn. Sad piston rings worn / oil seals leaking.