Milner rear leaf spring kits


My F70 (which is used on road, and across our field) just failed it's MOT due to half a missing leaf, in the offside rear leaf spring.

I got a pair of Milner rear leaf spring kits, which I was a bit wary of fitting, after reading these forums, but I don't think they are as bad as people have suggested. The truck is a bit bouncier (I did tell my bird to wear her sports bra when travelling in it) and about 2 or 3" higher at the rear. I think it probably needs some new dampers as well.

I'm happy enough with it that I'm gonna get new front springs as well (the current ones are curving upwards!).

From my experience, I can recommend the Milner rear leaf spring kits.

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".

Milner Springs


Yes I have mentioned these being stiff and slightly hard before along with many others but I have had them on mine for 7 years and although they do give a slightly rougher ride they suit my needs. I have the 5 leaf variety which I think were later replaced for the softer 3 leaf type by Daihatsu as my other Sportrak has these and is much less bumpy. It's all a matter of choice.


M J Young