Sportrak burning oil


Hi all, we recently picked up a Sportrak, it had been sat on a drive for a few months, once we got it going we went for a drive for about an hour, it was very smokey while driving and since getting back we checked the oil to find none in now and the smoke stopped, we cant see any actualy leaking around the engine so i presume its burning it.

Where do we start looking to fix this Unknw



The smoke you refer to I assume was bluish which is usual for oil burning. There are a number of things to check but since the vehicle has been sat a while I would tend to top up with fresh oil and run it to free up the rings and to remove any corrosion on the cylinders whilst it was laying idle.

If you then find that the oil has turned black and is still dissappearing then I would assume it is getting past the rings and burning in the combustion chamber. Remove the plugs and one or more maybe all will be oil fouled indicating this. With the car on tick over remove the filler cap for the oil and see if that is blowing blue smoke which would indicate that the top end is also worn.

I assume the bottom end isn't knocking?

A final test is a compression test on each cylinder which if the above is true should be much lower on some or all the cylinders than the recommended pressure.

If this is the case it is time for the engine to be either exchanged or rebuit. You don't say the age or mileage of the Car or the life it has led. SOme are unfortunately thrashed now as the resell value is so low. Normally the lumps are very long lived and strong and I think I am correct in saying that they originate from the parent company, Toyota.

Not all is lost as there are a good number being broken and if the body and chassis etc are good it may be cheaper to swap the whole lump in one but obviously check carefully what you are buying.



M J Young

Could you be more precise?

Sportraks are petrol, so it is engine oil that is being burned. I think you also add that the engine oil has run empty. Is the engine oil 'empty' or 'down on the dipstick'?
Not quite certain of your problem - perhaps you should clarify the problem and symptoms. Scratch one-s head

PS .. how long did Sporty sit unused?