do i have one


hi, can anyone tell me if i have an immobiliser on my s reg 1999 1.3efi hi jet as it will not start, and any ideas on what to do next. as i am completely baffled,

many thanks jay Smile

Under the dashboard.

Look for an immobliser switch. Run your hand under the dash on drivers side. Usually to the right of the steering wheel. That is where the immobiliser toggle switch is usually hidden.
You probably caught the switch with your knee and immobilised the engine. Once had a colleague who did same. After spending £300 at the garage she decided to search for the toggle switch. Pays to listen! Wink

thanks for your fast

thanks for your fast response i,ll defo be searching for that darn switch first light tomorrow morning Smile


Forgot to add:
Is there a red LED/circular lamp set into your dashboard and you have never seen it illuminated? LED is usually set into the front face of drivers side of dash board.

cheers mace

yep found out what problem was, mechanic blew fuses accidentally which led to no spark, but now replaced them and everything seems to be working apart from the stereo and fog light, changed fuse in back of stereo but no luck with that one, was charged 120 pounds by the mechanic for fixing a problem that he caused.

hope i dont sound to bitter but i am. Sad

thanks anyway mace
speak soon jay