1996 sporty 1600 petrol


hi hope someone can help..... i bought my sporty yesterday with problems which was that it was running on three cylinders. checked for compression and all showed 13.but oil in cylinder nearest bulkhead.stripped the head bare today thinking it was avalve seal, and would like to know if there should b a hole in the corner of the inlet side,near the bulkhead beside the first head bolt.i have checked the head and there is no warpage, however someone has replaced every valve,springs,collets,valve stem oil seals.new timing belt kit.basically i need to know if the engine is gubbed cos im sittin on ma couch wi aw the tools and a gasket kit thinkin it was a valve stem oil seal, but im thinkin its a new cylinder head i need. thanks.

When is a hole not a hole.

You imply the hole goes right through from the outside and in to the cylinder head pot/combustion chamber. Is that what you write? Scratch one-s head
Or is the hole internal the cylinder head and not going right through the casting? Scratch one-s head
Or is the hole on the outside of the cylinder head and not passing right through into the combustion chamber? Scratch one-s head

closer inspection

the hole seems to b ok and in the right place. was unsure due to the roughness of the bottom of the hole.it seems as tho someone has sent the head away to get rebuilt,got it back perfect then used the old exhaust gasket,which was gubbed.the inlet manifold was on with sealer just.bolts missing all over, one head bolt not torqued the same as others(less).i think that the oil that was originally found in no.1 piston had escaped from the chamber inside the cylinder head,travelled along the inlet manifold due to crappy sealant and been feeding the first three cylinders with engine oil. does that sound possible?the inside of the inlet manifold and the inlet valves are choked with blackness on the first three cylinders. no.4 piston is cool.compression test showed all was well bottom end before stripping. the engine hasnt been that long built. thanks very much for your reply.