re starter motor


Hi i,ve got a 1998 2.8td fourtrack independant starter is fine most of the time but occasionally will just wurr and not turn over the engine turn off the ignition and try again and it starts or maybee wurrs away again can you clean the starter up or does it need new brushes can anyone help me where i can buy the neccesary stuff to try a diy fix any pointers would be great as well cheers in advance Dan

Remove the starter and test

Remove the starter and test it. It could be in need of a thorough clean.The drive dog might be sticking.
However, starters usually engage the same teeth on the flywheel. Flywheel often stops in the same position. Sometimes flywheel teeth get damaged. The starter just wurrrrs because it fails to engage in the flywheel teeth because the teeth are missing. Could be bad news.
First remove the starter and test it on a bench. More likely a starter problem. Easy to clean. Get it reconditioned if you dont know what you are doing!


This type of problem is usually the solonoid, as mace states it could be dirty, or the contacts could need cleaning and flattening out with a fine file.