Electeric Windows


i have was wondering how much would two new motors for electric windows cost as both of mine have gone.
if anyone can help that would be great.


re:electric windows

this info may or may not help you but i have asked several scrap yards in my area (30 mile radius of chorley) for an approx price and they all average between £50 - £150,
its just finding them that are working ok,
new i can only guess, i know last year i got screwed for the sum of £315 for the window mechanism for my rover 820, the motor was fine but the worm gear had gone but you could not get the parts seperate, so i had to get one, i looked all over the scrap yards but its the same problem again ....it finding one that works, i must admitt as yet i havent had a look at mine on my fourtrack, as they are both ok, but i was getting prices, as i like to have spares on hand,
if the motor can be taken off the mechanism, you might be better just having a look round the scrapyards,
try the above web site , i found this web site very usefull when i needed a turbo,

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is there any way you can convert to manual handles?

is there any way you can convert to manual handles? - just a thought isnt it a shame they bother fitting electric windows - i mean isnt it the height of laziness - still at least we dont have to bother with cat converters and complicated engine management systems which need a computer technician to decipher