mpg hijet 1.3


Hi guys anyone know roughly how many mpg i should be getting from my hijet 1.3 efi 16 valve, what are your thoughts?? well appriciated thanks Jay

Hi Jay, Do a 'Google' on

Hi Jay,
Do a 'Google' on Daihatsu Hijet reviews, You'll find loads of info. Can't remember exactly what I got from my 1.3 EFi but believe it was aroung 40mpg. Road conditions and the way you drive will of course have a bearing and 35mpg won't be hard to achieve with a heavy right foot.

thanks guys for info

yeah thanks for the very helpful info. I think Im getting around 35mpg which im very pleased with, but not 100 percent sure as my petrol guage is broken but its getting fixed pretty soon. I also dont really drive her over 60mph and only use that perky engine when i really have to.

whilst out today i seen a plaggio porter van which pulled up beside me and said hi, it was great to see one out and about, was starting to get a bit lonely out there.

well speak soon and thanks again jay Wink

Hijet fuel economy

Hi mate, im new owner of hijet petrol/lpg 1300cc van. As far as im aware they sholud if in good servicible order return approx 40 mpg. Ive just had mine serviced, plugs,air filter, oil & filter and added some slick 50 oil and fuel additive to the engine and fuel tank. Im also going to have it crypton tuned for optimum setting up running to make sure.

I would recommend all of this on your if you have not had it done recently. A good reliable garage would charge approx £150 total for this kind of job or D.I.Y if you have the no-how.

I run mine on both fuels on a alternate day pattern to ensure both fuel systems are in use. MPG also depends on driving style. These vans are 16v high revving engines but i nurse mine as i drive it and dont really go over 60mph max due to its size etc.

With a good annual service and tune up it should return around 40 mpg or more. I;d be interested to know any different off anyone out there. Ive been told the difference between gas and petrol mpg is none. Its just the cost per litre that is the econimical part.

I drive a classic Daimler 4.0 litre at 22-30 mpg depending on the run etc but this is setup to top performance and is well looked after. I got the hijet van for everyday use whatever the weather. Insurance was £141 for TPFT. I see tha road tax for 12 months will be around the £120 mark so not that cheap on that score really considering the size of vehicle it is. Im happy though with it after 2 weeks ive done 1000 miles in it with no bother at all. Im getting used to it now. Its no Daimler but its certainley serves my needs and will be treated just as well as my Daimler is and kept very clean and tidy.

Kind regards. Brendan. Wiltshire.