Alloy wheels for a Hijet van


Ive just bought a hijet van in red and it is currently undergoing minor customization and a good clean.

Ive been reading with interest the problems encountered with this van/mpv in regards available options of alloy wheels. I have seen pictures of 2 vans on this site with alloys, 1 x red with minilites on it and 1 x yellow with 17's on it.

Lots of people are also commenting on their problems in regards to the same issue but nobody as of yet has bothered to list any relevant helpfull info that they may have to solve this annoying problem. Ive spent the last 2 days on my Pc searching and asking hundreds of suppliers etc and only 2 have come up trumps but their prices are a tad expensive and one of them is in America.

If anyone out there has ANY info at all or phone numbers for suppliers or have indeed themselfs successfully sourced any type of alloy or steel chrome style wheels for a hijet van/mpv etc etc them please please please put me out of my misery and let me know!!!!!

IM GOING BLOODY MAD WITH IT!!!!!! LOL. Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you all. I can also be contacted any time on 07779950808. Kind regards. Brendan.

Hi Brendan, I suppose this

Hi Brendan,

I suppose this may be telling you how to suck eggs, but I assume you know that the Hijet mpv was available with alloy wheels from Daihatsu. I bought one, back in the mid 1990's, new, from a main dealer. I wonder if these alloys were used on other daihatsu models i.e. Charade, Sirion Yrv etc?.Or were these different fittings. Or indeed have you already exhausted that route? Hope you get fixed up.

Alloys hijet

Hello mate and thanks for your valued reply. No i was not aware of an option which you say you had on yours. It would be nice to see a picture if you have one with them on it or indeed the precise info details on the said wheels in order that i can try that avenue.

Maybe you could ask your dealer if they are still available for me or give me their dealer details so i can contact them myself. Kind regards. Brendan. STILL EXTREAMLY FRUSTRATED BY IT ALL!!!!!!

Hi, I have a photo somewhere

Hi, I have a photo somewhere but it is a few years since. If I do find it I'll snap it with my camera and try to get it up on here ( but don't hold your breath!) I don't know whether the dealer I bought it from is still selling Daihatsu. It was HL Gorner of Clapham N. Yorks. They had Daihatsu and Mercedes-Benz but lost the Merc franchise when Mercedes had their big restructure some years ago. I can see why you are FRUSTRATED!!

Alloys too

Workin on fittin these too, will get photos up when done. All info available if you want it. Just pm me.