hijet 1.0i oil in water


anyone have any ideas hijet oil in water,headgasket ok,does anyone know if oil can get into the water pump via a broken seal.

Head Gasket

If you have oil in the water, it's almost certainly the head gasket. It's gone between a water jacket and an oilway, so the engine will run normally etc., with no sign of overheating. A head gasket can go from water jacket to cylinder ( this will cause overheating, loss of water, excess pressure in radiator hoses and water/steam from exhaust ), water jacket to oilway ( explained as above ), cylinder to cylinder ( loss of power, misfiring etc. ), or cylinder or water jacket to outside ( chuffing/hissing sound from cylinder head area, or visible loss of water from cylinder head ).With your problem, you will also have water in the oil. This will manifest itself by a mayonnaise type substance on the dipstick, or inside the oil filler cap. It may not be extreme enough to show this as yet though. Hope this helps.

oil in water

hi thanks for that,the only thing is there is no water at all in the oil.so do not want to strip head to find out it is something else.thanks again