Hi all, new member here from, near CLEETHORPES ive recently, bought a hi jet, ,december2000,just what i wanted,suits my needs spot on,its kitted out 4 sleeping, very very cosy, ect,ive just spent some serious dosh, on a set of 13 inch minilites, nice tyres,ii inch flat screen t.v.(12 /and mains)AND, then my exhaust started to blow,(just a bit) thought id pop and get one from the factors i worked in a garage and thought id never be in the pikle, im in was in!!!, We dont really get many jetts in, one in the last 3 yrs,just 4 mot, ANYWAY the price knocked me 4 six,i had to have a snort of the old whiskey bottle,2 night!However, i have sourced a chap no too far away,who will make a stainless one, 4 240 plus vat........ before i have too many more nightmares, arethere anymore surprises in store 4 me,? i do hope not! Great site ill pop in most nights no doubt.Bob.Skint and deluded!Quote:


I am a bit surprised at the unavalability of the Hijet exhaust after all they are not that rare. Cost could be a factor or as you found demand in a particular area.

The Stainless alternative sounds a good price and I would go for that.

As for other bits, well daihatsu have never been cheap direct so avoid them at all costs. Watch on ebay for bits, they often crop up and are worth getting if cheap.


M J Young