i im phil ive just joined the site and i think it is great can you tell me if a 1986 2.8 fourtrack dx diesel estate as a cambelt .timing chain. or timing gears thank phil


hello phil,
quick answer to your question 2.8 d. has a timing belt, its not a cam belt as we know it on a more modern car its fitted behind the cover where the cooling fan is.
it's quite easy to do took me about 2 hours.
hope this helps,

timing belt

I have a 87 2.8 DX and it has gear timing
that is the non turb model i got

If it 1986 it will have a tim

If it 1986 it will have a timing chain not a belt.
If the timing gear cover is aluminium its a chain ..I think the later belt driven veicles had a plastic timing cover.
I am almost certain that all earlier tracks were chain driven.