petrol cap price!!


Just thought id nip down to the local motor shop to purchase a locking fuel cap,
"yep no problem mate, ive got one i will add it to the delivery" the guy said, "thats 12 pound. have a nice day see you in the morning",
" okey dokey see you tommorrow",
it didnt fit!! ah crumbs never mind, i will contact daihatsu for one, yep they had them in alright probally thousands of the little buggers at 57 pounds a pop Shok . crikey i dont want shares in the place, mind you it was locking.

anyway the one ive got seems fantastic now compared to that price at a snip of the price £2.99 and its locking, well if you twist it,it is. Wink


Fuel Cap

I had the same problem with the Sportrak having left the old one on the forcourt. Purchased a locker off ebay, didn't fit of course. The only way I got one was from a wreck and like yours it locks with a click.

Daihatsu spares are a terrible price from Daihatsu. I have an Audi which I was warned about but the spares from AUDI,in comparison, are cheap by quite a margin


M J Young