Hi Jet squeaks on tick over but quiet when revving up


My Hi Jet van squeaks on tick over but if I give it a few revs it goes quiet.
Could it be the alternator?

Hi Mike, I've got that too

Hi Mike,

I've got that too at the mo. I think it's just a grease nipple on a pulley that needs attending to. Haven't had my Jet into my mechanic in ages, so something is wearing. But just past my MOT tonight!



Hi onilleymcknown,
Thanks for your reply, the van has a flat battery & is off the road at the moment.
I'll try & locate the pulley & grease it.
I'll update if it cures it


Hi all, if you tighten the fan belt up a tad, that should get rid of ya sqeak, sounds like its sliping a bit, especially as you have a flat batery,because fan belt not tight, its not charging your alternater, hence your flat battery,.

R .S


Try spraying WD40 onto your fan belt while the engine is running. If the squeak goes away, then the fan belt needs tightening a little bit, or better still, replacing. Mine has a high pitched whine/whistle when idling. I haven't got to the bottom of it yet, but I suspect its a worn alternator, or water pump bearing.