YRV prices?


Much to my disgust, my husband wants me to get rid of my beloved YRV turbo 130.(He says it costs too much for parts etc.) It had new tail pipes last year. Recently the rest of the exhaust was replaced. Tow bar fitted this year. Colour black. Automatic transmission. About 31,000 miles on the clock. Excellent condition. Can anybody give me an idea of what it will sell for please. Kind regards. MIG
Sorry forgot to say it is a 53 plate. 54 registered.

Just had a quick look on

Just had a quick look on Autotrader and there is one up same colour as yours on a '53' plate for £3,495 with 46,020 miles on the clock. Black is quite a rare colur to buy so you may good get money. Don't forget that the YRV Turbo is rare model so it's a kind of supply and demand. I payed £3,995 for my yellow one with low mileage last year and they seem to keep there value, but bare in mind that there is also a credit crunch on at the moment so peoples finances are tight. You may want to consider E-bay as well.

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I saw the one on Autotrader

I saw the one on Autotrader too. The important thing for me is that there is just that! ONLY ONE so, although it may not be on everyones Xmas list it is quite rare to find a good one. So I suppose the advice is , don't give it away. The asking price of £3495 is at a Daihatsu dealer Nicholas Smiths, Skipton. So I would say £3200 is a realistic starting point for a private sale.