L200 squealing



I am having a problem with my 1991 Daihatsu Mira L200.

She seems to be squealing in cold weather, below the freezing mark.

The problem is a very loud squeal while revving the engine in 1st and 2nd gear and then it goes away after shifting into third gear.

I have a 660cc 3cylinder engine and a manual 4 speed transmission. I have checked the fan belt, and the belt itself seems to be in great condition. I have the Daihatsu L200 service manual but it has not been much help so far.

The car idles fine, but only makes the squealing sound while accelerating and only in conditions below freezing. Third and fourth gear it does not happen at all.

The problem started occurring after the car got rear ended by a hit and run driver.

Fan Belt

The fan belt may be in good condition but have you checked the tension? I bet it's slack. If it starts squealing and you dip the clutch and rev it does it stop? If so, definately a slack fan belt.

Good Luck!

Mira L200 Avanzato FWD