do i need any special tools


thinking of replacing the old rear axle and panhard arm bushes on my f78,now shes done 96k the originals are starting to look a bit battered, milner sell a full rear end set in poly as replacements, so couple questions if someones done the job on the later indi model
1 do i need any special tools to remove the old bushes

2 will it make a noticable difference to he ride height

3 is it worth doing the rear and front anti roll bars while im at it

pointless getting the front and rear shock bushes from them as the ones they supplied were totally wrong, rang milners over this to be told they knew !!! shame they did not tell me this when i ordered them


Replacing the bushes is an easy job, but will make no difference to the ride height, removal of the old bushes may be slightly difficult, but not overly so, more time consuming.

Replacing all the bushes would be prudent.

Bushes rust into place, this is what makes it difficult to remove them; drill a series of holes through the rubber, cut these to remove the middle, cut them down their length with a hacksaw blade and peel out,
Clean the hole with a flap wheel or similar until it is bright metal, place a thin smear of Vaseline or other petroleum jelly in the hole, they will slide in easily.
Certain rubber bushes have a white metal outer, this makes them a tight fit in the hole, if yours have these cut down the length with a hacksaw and peel out with a screwdriver.

You will notice an improved ride quality, and less squeaks from bushes moving while driving.