Sirion response


Hi all,

I'm new here, so I should say 'hello!' first off!

I have a Sirion Rally4, fantastic wee machine, but the engine seems relucatant to respond to the throttle. For such a light revvy engine this seems quite out of character. Is this typical of these cars? Is there anything I can do? Would a more powerful fuel pump help?

Any advice would be welcome thanks! Also; is there anywhere to get tuning parts for these cars?

Lot's of questions! Hope you can help!


Hi Mike, Great little

Hi Mike,

Great little machines as you say. How long have you owned it? I've had my Rally 2 for about a month now. I'm an older guy (bus pass) Wink and my last 3 cars have been Rover 75 2.0 CDT (02), Mazda 3 1.6 (05) and a Skoda Fabia Estate 1.9 Tdi.

I find many modern day cars boring and finding this Rally 2 has put the smile back on my face. Smile

Now as regards your thread, I too was disappointed at first as I thought the throttle response could be better. Then after reading many threads on Google it came to light these cars only really come to life between 4,000 and 7000 rpm. So for the first time I drive my car watching the rev counter rather than the speedo. You may think the engine is over stretching itself as it screams along but as long as you don't red-line it just go for it and you should get the response your looking for. Remember though this little car is only a 1.3 non turbo and you shouldn't expect hot hatch performance.

At lower revs the car performs much as a standard 1.3 should and will return close on 50 mpg so we have the best of both worlds. The Rally 2 performed brilliantly in the world club rally 20,000 Kilometers of hard bash. the cars were hardly ever out of 2nd gear at 6000/7000 revs and never skipped a beat. Hope this helps and hasn't bored you silly!!! Cheers.

Just realised I didnt answer

Just realised I didnt answer the second part of your thread re larger fuel pump and tuning parts. Now I'm no mechanic but from what I read this engine cannot be tuned further by having it chipped etc. Daihatsu UK collaberated with a company in Bedfordshire to develope the Rally 2 and 4. They improved the Air intake redesigned the exhast cam and Uprated the ECU. then they uprated the front Brakepads. I think if a larger fuel pump would have helped they would have done it. As I say I'm no mechanic and if anyone has further info., that would be interesting.

Thanks for the responses.

Thanks for the responses. The little car is pretty rapid and it has been well tuned, short of putting a different exhaust on I dont think there's much more to be done. I believe the engine has VVT, and it really comes alive above 4k; lots of fun! H

However, the engine doesnt respond to the throttle like such a lightweight unit should, I suspect this is something to do with maintaining the fuel economy. It's particularly noticeable when changing down a gear; clutch in, spin the engine up and then change down. Unfortunately the engine is slow to respond (even to a lead foot!).

I was just wondering whether a higher pressure fuel pump would sort it out, or whether there's a perished vacuum hose somewhere. I think I may be answering my own question!