Fourtrak Front brake shims and pad guides


Can any one tell me were i can get some front brake pad shims and pad guides,do i need to replace the shims for definate or can they be left out when fitting new pads.

Use the originals ....

I have re-used these bits when replacing brake pads. The vehicle is now on its third set of pads with no probs.

BTW. If you use the EBC pads that allegedly fit the vehicle, you will find they are a VERY tight fit and will not sit parallel in the calliper. I have seen comments on here about people removing pads which have worn wedge-shaped because of this. On both the Ferodo (unfortunately no longer available) and the EBC pads, I had to grind a little metal off the brake pad backing plate to get a good parallel sliding fit in the calliper.

Laugh a minute ....

I was talking to a auto spares shop owner a while ago. A man returned a set of brake pads saying they didn't work. Upon examination, it was obvious that the idiot had fitted them the wrong way round, friction material to the calliper piston and metal backing to the brake disc.

It's a pity that brain-dead pillocks like this are not strangled at birth. It's OK if they kill themselves in their car, but if they kill someone else, you can bet that the politically correct wankers will make it illegal for sensible and careful people to work on their cars !


Agree with the brain dead bit, my neighbour did the same trick, he claims to be a car expert, and at least in his eyes, knows more than me, but he is a total tit anyway.
His accident involved 8 vehicles and fortunately he was the only one injured, but being that thick he did not learn, and now does write off's. being illiterate, he cannot read instructions, has no mechanical experience, and when we did get on he would not listen to me. Despite this and his claims to love his family, he lets them drive around in a write off, badly repaired, and structurally unsound. This is even to the point where a local repairer took one look at the accident photos and said they, with all their expertise and full body equipment; would not do it.
Yes it does have implications! we are often the innocent victims of such idiots, not just in accidents but the unforseen costs such as insurance premiums, to name but one.

the worst case i have seen

the worst case i have seen was repairing a problem on brakes, guy asked me see why since replacing his brakes they were crap, he had the haynes manual, spent the weekend replacing shoes n pads, my thought was air in brakes, nope, pedal firm, siezed ?? nope there was some braking effort, took the front wheels off, the problem, he read the manual, put it away, greased the pads, thought will add a bit more, were ?? the face of the lining, dont know how much he used but he had been driving to work in it all week, dropping the kids at school and been shopping, the calipers were full of the stuff, a combination of lm and copperslip Shok , thank god he never had to do emergency braking, i had to powerwash the front brakes off to remove the mess, even then his one cell brain could not understand why i replaced brand new pads >Sad