1998 Daihatsu Charade GTi 1.3 starting problem?


i have recently bought a 1998 Daihatsu Charade GTi 1.3. it was smoking quite a bit when i got it but ran well despite the high mileage of 142,000, i parked it up overnight, and now hates starting on a cold day but when warmed up up will continue to start as normal, the battery terminals seem to be ok but the battery had leaked on the way back to my house, after installing a new battery and giving it a full service it seems it doesnt want to start at all.
anyone else had this problem or would like to help solve the mystery?

1998 Daihatsu Charade GTi 1.3 starting problem

Just had it checked by a mechanic, seems it needs a ignition coil or maybe distributor, parts are like finding gold dust...very rare, does anyone have a spare one lying around?
or do they know if the Charade GLXi one will fit?