1300 EFi/LPG model Hijet van 1999-V registration-Red.


Hi, can anyone help/advise me please, ive recently bought the above van, it has only 29k miles on the clock. It has a full M.O.T and Taxed till next year which is why i bought it. It was in shit state but is now polished up lovely & ive had the Starsky & Hutch white stripe with Zebra 3 decals front & rear & a red flashing magnetic light on the roof. Its safe to say ive liberated this van & given it a new lease of life.

Prior to purchase (3 weeks ago) Daihatsu dealer in Bransgore fitted the new propshaft(Free-recall) & it also had 2x new radiator caps,new thermostat, new fan switch(Modification) & a set of new spark plugs. Cost the owner £200. I paid a good price for it after that.

Since purchase ive changed the oil & filter,Airfilter,fuelfilter,ive slick 50,d the engine & fuel tank and have started to run it on both petrol & gas on alternate days. The last owner only ran it on gas. Ive adjusted the idle speed slightly as it stalled at junctions & lights on petrol only. It now idles lovely.

Over the last few days ive noticed that the throttle response is not as lively as it was when i first got it!!! and that it sort of struggles for power?? Its starts & drives lovely apart from this. The coolant & oil levels are all fine and the temperature gauge reads normal and the fan cuts in and out as it should do. There is NO diognostic port on this age van so i cant plug in an auto logic to read for faults. Tomorow im going to change the plugs again even though they wre done 3 weeks ago!!! just to eliminate a possible duff plug.

Does anyone know what the proceedure is to switch fuel modes?? is it manually with engine off via the gas switch or can you switch on the move from gas to petrol or vise versa???? Could doing this damage a spark plug or damage something else which has led to my lack of power?? I value any comments or experiences before i put it into the main dealer to be charged a fortune!!!! I dont suspect the headgasket as the levels are fine and its not overheating. Is it just me i ask??? the throttle respnse last week was quite niffty and smooth, now its stiff and sluggish. The engine idles lovely and revs up great then settles as normal. Its baffling me so far. Like i said i will rechange the plugs tomorow when cold, . If anyone can assit me then i,d be most gratefull. I can be contacted on 07779950808if anyone has had the same problem with their 1300 EFi hijet van. My van must be the most loved van in such a short space of time of ownership. Ive done 1200 miles in it from Dorset to Wiltshire to Wolverhampton to Wiltshire to Bristol to Weston supermare and back to Wiltshire, all trouble free at a steady 55/60 mph. Kind regards. Brendan. Wiltshire.