recently ordered set of engine belts from milner, glad i did as the day they arrived the fan belt decided to retire, been quoted in excess of £200 nto replace the cam belt, however a bosch service center said they would do the labour for £60 plus vat, now having had the fun of the fan belt and ps belt already i thought sod it they can do it, ok no warranty as i supplied the belt and did not replace the idlers/tensioners. then again the ones wanting £200 were not supplying bits either, if i did the job myself there would be no warranty, so cam belt and rebalance a wheel came to £76 inc vat, i still have skin on my knuckles, my stress levels are still low and i now know the pedigree of the cam belt, im quite impressed with the price Wink

Good Price

That was a good price and although I have changed my own I agree that amount may well have persuaded me otherwise.


M J Young

my biggest problem is no off

my biggest problem is no off road parking, generally crap weather, add that to a damaged elbow that kills if its touched
having the pleasure ( not) of changing the other engine belts last week moved me more towards letting the garage do the job, not a one off price either, they have all the prices on computer for cam belt jobs
anyone looking for a place that does them could do worse than check up for a local bosch service center to do the job