Hijet 1300cc EFI/LPG models or any LPG models


Hi to everyone with these vans/MPV's, today i visited an LPG installer repairer to ask advice on the LPG side of these vehicles in regards to maintanace/servicing etc, i was informed that the LPG system requires NO sort of servicing as there is no parts/filters to service. He also said the system only ever needs to be looked at if you can smell LPG due to a possible leak or it doesn't work/run.

He also mentioned the lights guage and how quickly the lights on mine go out after filling up with gas. He informed me that no lights or guages have yet been perfected to give an acurate reading of how much you have so rule of thumb is when the red light shows fill up again. I dont have a trip meter guage on my van so i cant tell what the MPG is but i suspect its doing about 30MPG on the gas (ish). My van is bang upto date with its servicing (last week) so it now running really well on both gas and petrol so im happy at the moment and just getting used to driving it. Its certainly different to my Daimler/Jaguar but fun.

I also asked him about changing over on the move, he said that it should'nt make a difference but im decided that i will make the choice before i start up each day as at speed changing fuel could cause a detonation of either fuel in a cylinder which could damage the engine. Caution is my thought on this issue.

I just thought i'd share my info with you all. Hope it has been of use to anyone. Regards. Brendan

LPG Service

Brendan, sorry, it seems that you have been misinformed.

LPG systems have a filter, the Prins system as fitted to the Hijets supplied by Daihatsu UK should be changed every 2years, all gas carrying parts of the system should be checked. If you really want to follow things to the letter, tanks should be replaced at 10 year intervals!!!! The filter is fitted to the solenoid which is mounted on the vapouriser.

For my Hijet, when the red light shows I have got at a very minimum 30 miles worth of LPG, and I try to fill up every 150 miles. I too estimatle 30mpg is about correct.

I run mine on gas 95% of the time, no problems starting it with gas, swapping between gas and petrol (or vise versa) on the move is no problem, I simply take my foot off the accelerator, flick the switch and after a few seconds accelerate again. Obviously to be avoided if you are going uphill!




Thanks max for your reply. I will look into it again. Where exactly is the filter then??? and is it easy to change D.I.Y??? Have you done yours??? How much did it cost and where did you get it from???

Mine runs lovely on both fuels so im happy. Ive also spoken to 4x4 ref the bullbar you have on yours. They can get me one no problem from Cobra. £160-£180 total with delivery of 6 weeks. Im considering it. They come in black. Did you paint yours silver??? Did you fit yours??? Was it easy to fit and where does it mount???

As soon as i work out how to upload some pictures of my van i will post them on the gallery.

Kind regards. Brendan

LPG Filter

To locate the filter, you need to be underneath the front of the vehicle, the vapouriser is mounted on the crossmember. Follow the gas feed pipe (6mm plastic coated copper pipe) to the vapouriser and there is the gas the gas shut off valve and filter.

For the filter you will probably need for the hijet look here (its the filter at the bottom of the page):
It is an easy DIY job, just make sure the new one goes in the same as the old one came out!! Also there is a loose magnet in the bowl so dont forget that! Pay particular attention to replacing the 'O' rings in the right one in the right place. Obviouly when the job is done run the engine and check for gas leaks (got to be done with the engine running, because no gas flows from the tank to the vapouriser if its not)

I forgot the mention previously that as part of the service I check the electrical wiring of the lpg equipment, especially the earth's.

As for the bull bars, the only difficulty in fitting is that the two of the bumper bolts are replaced whith much longer ones and it is difficult to get these in the threads whilst trying to hold the bull bars in place. What I did is make up a couple of studs screwed them in and then simply placed the bullbars on them and then put a nut on each stud and tightened up. (turns half an hour of fiddle and cursing into an easy two minute job!)

Finally, yes, painted them silver.