Not sure if this is a fault problem or what. Just bought myself a 1990 Sportrak. Ace machine. however at the back underneath both leaf springs have one leaf spring at the rear not clamped onto the rest. It seems to sit higher than every other Sportrak I see. But the leaf spring is still connected itself to the chassis both ends. but rear of bottom spring both sides lies flat and isnt compressed to the other leafs. Its on 235x75x15 alloys, with big bridgestone tyres. Recent antics in snow didnt cause problem but someone said today that they should all be clamped up not hanging free. Please anyone out there tell me this isnt knackered, cos road handlin is ace. Or is this a custom job to raise suspension somewhere. any replys welcomed by newcomer to 4x4 fun!

The bottom leave is called an

The bottom leave is called an assister. It should hang loose from the others, as it only comes into play when the rear of thr jeep is loaded down. As wheight is added to the loadspace/tow bar the other leeves drop down onto the assister spring. This reduces the amont of movment in the spring, allowing the car to carry heavy loades without wollowing, and leaning alarmingly (possibly even turning over) on sharp bends.

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Thanks for that.. much appreciated. It had seemed a bit strange as the bottom leaf was flat whereas the others were all together at the top.. but cheers for putting my mind at rest... Smile