please help electrical problems


hi can anyone help

i have a diahatsu hijet and never really had many problems until now.
my hijet has just had a full refurb on its brakes but since getting it home its developed another prob
i brought it back and the next day it wouldnt start ( turning over but no spark ) i took it back to garage and it stood there for two days and started first time everytime the mechanic tried it . so i brought it home again only to go out next morning and it refused to start again (turning but no spark ). im lost at what could be the cause of this i have noticed that the engine management light doesnt go on when ignition turned on . im sure it used to but it used to go out when started . apart from that i have no idea what could be wrong
please help me if you can
thanks mark

Hijet starting problem

Hello mate, i had a similar issue the other day after i changed my spark plugs. The engine was stone cold (AM). I removed the old plug and put the new ones in only it wouldnt fire!!! put the old ones back in it fired straught up!!! I then removed the old plugs and put the new ones back in and it has been ok ever since. I must say that the plugs were wet with petrol which was really strange.

You could have a faulty coil pack, there are 2 of them which connect the plugs 1 coil pack serves 2 plugs via the lead. Check all your connections mate to be sure everything is as it should be.

What engine are you running?? 1.0 or 1.3EFi?? the latter dont have distributor cap just an electronic sealed distributor. What year is your Hijet?? 2002 MY onwards have an ECU plug-in socket to the right hand side of the steering wheel so you can hook up an auto logic to read for fault codes etc. Failing that my friend check for fuel delivery Tank-pump-filter-engine injectors if EFi model. Its probebly something really simple. Mine is fine now but quite bizzarre symptom.

Other than that mate a good auto engineer or a main dealer is your last option.

Hope you get it sorted. Brendan

Starting problems

Press the accelerator slightly when starting, and DON'T use supermarket fuel. You should be o/k then.