Fitting new stereo in YRV


Hi people, want to fit a new stereo in my mum's YRV for her birthday and was wondering what parts I'd need, eg. fascia adaptor, iso adaptor. I want it to be a surprise so can't just rip the thing out now to check it out.. Also where can I pick up this parts on the internet?


It depends what size stereo

It depends what size stereo you want to fit If you've got a Clarion stereo in there and are just replacing it with another standard size stereo then you shouldn't need to get a wiring adapter. If it's double din then you just need to remove the storage box from below the stereo to fit it. It should be a pretty simple job to do.

Cheers At the minute there


At the minute there is the standard tape player, is this the Clarion you speak of?

I just want to replace it with a single-din unit, so it should just swap over smoothly with no extra parts?

Sorry yeah, was just

Sorry yeah, was just remembering my YRV came with a Clarion stereo.

Yes you shouldn't need any extra parts. It's quite a quick job to do as well Smile