finding an exhaust


need help finding exhaust for daihatsu hijet 1.3 efi can any body help, thr rear tail pipe has fallen off


Hi bones,i dont no which part of the country your from but, if you are in LINCOLNSHIRE or near,as with, at least one other member i no of from this site,we have both had a really brilliant service from, a place near market rasen, powerflow stainless pipes,he will make you one while you wait, for less then half the price of a new ordered one, in stainless garanteed 4 life!did me one for my hijet 1300,day/van/camper, GREAT bloke too, and patrick his mate,just the same, hope this helps.he is in the yellow pages and on the web.

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no wonder they have them on the shelf!!

Hi yes they do,i got a quote for a complete exhaust for my 1300efi van,.....LOL... thought i was paying for ALL they boat fare from japan!!!!it was hundreds,nothing but a ripp off,in my view that is..........To acquire a new one with cat,would cost270 pounds, and one would never be needed again!made in stainless.

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Hello All, This

Hello All,

This is here.

We do indeed have a full range of exhausts available for all Hi-Jet models off the shelf. We can supply to all parts of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world if required.

We're very sorry that you found us to be expensive CLEETHORPES GUY.

In response to this we have setup a special rate for all members of Daihatsu Drivers UK to help everyone with their exhaust needs in the future.

You can email your enquiries to us via our website or call us on our sales line 01244 372555.

Please quote DDU001 to ensure that you identify yourself as a member of, this will give you opportunity to take advantage of special pricing for members of this site.



53 plate Sirion

2003 Sirion SL 1300. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape much.

Do you do off the shelf Stainless Steel for the Sirion?

Could be interested. Cheers, Bob F.

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.


Hi BobF,

Thanks very much for your enquiry. We have sent you a full quotation via a PM for your Sirion.

Many Thanks,


hi cleethorpes guy, thanks very much for the info, going to look up site, its realy grim up here for hijet spares services, i live in dundee scotland, however i love the wee thing to bits and stainless seems the way to go..... i will get the part numbers and give this powerflow an e-mail, thanks very much for your help, happy motoring.....

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Hi bones,.........

Hi bones,afraid they dont do part no,s... they are made to measure, just like a suit, custom one offs, they made mine to fit while i waited and watched,was in at 10am and out at 12...wish i could help more its bad enough been here in lincolnshire let alone up in Dundee, trying to source bits, good luck anyway, bob s.

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bones 851 ,cheers mace, the detailed exhaust that i can find on the web site identified as a 1.2 diesel, i have a 1300 i , however i have given them an e-mail in relation to this , what a joy if it fits and at that price...... cheers mate, bones,,,,,

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Replacement exhaust

Try ebay I picked one up nearly new and cheap,, delivered to my door !