Bye Bye it was fun


I always wanted a hijet van, for years and years then finally got one at the beginning of the year. Then last week a lady popped out of a side road and wrote it off. Any sort of collision makes you realise how lightly built they are, it's a cat B whereas her Focus is just lightly grazed. So I very nearly got another but I'm sorry to say the price of spares has frightened me off. Why the situation is so bad for the 1.3 and not for the earlier versions is beyond me.
Guess I just wasn't made of the right stuff, lacked the necessary dedication.


Sorry to hear of you misfortune. The Micro Vans were always a bit flimsy and I always dreaded the nearness of the front end, Unfortnately the Hijet had the misfortune of a body built and supplied by Piaggio in Italy, not known for their strong bodies, car/vans that is. If it couldn't stand up to a Dagenham Dustbin, best steer clear. Good luck with your new venture.


M J Young