Manual locking hubs 1990 Rocky



I'm looking for some replacement hubs. The OE are pot metal and the tabs that hold the springs in place have broken off. I've tack welded them in place, but i'd like some spares when they break (and they will). The only other option is to tack the splines into the hub. making it full-time 4x4. Not so good on blacktop. I'm in the states, but will send to Neptune for parts if the price is right.Aftermarket?????


P.S. Has anyone heard of an axel swap for a 1990 Rocky?


Try Milners in the UK, they supply all sorts of hubs and other spares at reasonable prices, and they ship worldwide.

As for your axle, one which springs to mind is "Project 675" an article was in Petersons 4X4 magazine, so might be worth searching their website for back articles.
Do not know which part of the States they were in, but these were hand built axles to customers specifications, for vehicles with weak axle components.