steering wheel boss/changing the wheel


can any one tell me if the boss from the early pre f78 fourtraks will fit the f78, the boss is for the models from 1984 to 1992, my steering wheel is suffering the usual spongy loosness at the top of it thats driving me mad, no local scrap yards have one thats not in this condition

The Boss

Hi, I don,t think it does as I tried to fit the smaller F78 steering wheel to my F70 and it wouldn't as the splines were different between the two, the F75 wheel fits fine though but is no smaller. I have fitted Recaros on custom bases and they are about 2" higher than the original seats and much firmer so I was looking for extra legroom under the wheel. Some one else may know better though. A way to fix your wheel is to inject superglue with a hypodermic syringe, not sure where you will get one though, I have a friend who is a paramedic so I got my syringe and needle from her.
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thanks for that dave, saves

thanks for that dave, saves me wastin a few quid, will try that tip, just have to mug a junkie lol