Surprise, surprise- hijet overheating!


Hi,I know this topic has been covered over + over but I cant really find the advice I need. My R reg hijet 993cc was over heating on every journey, even short ones. It has had the head gasket replaced and also the thermostat but still it gets over hot and uses loads of water,especially in traffic. The mechanic says he has tried everything and that I should now scrap it! He also insists the fan DOES cut in but I have never heard it.I have only owned it since May and it is wheelchair accessible for my dad. I love this little van and really dont want to give up on it yet but I have spent alot on it already and got nowhere. I have seen a product online -steelseal- which claims to sort out all gasket problems and/or cracks in the engine? I am not by any means a mechanic but I am desperate and am thinking of draining the water/coolant system myself and using this product as a last attempt.
Is the system easy to drain and does anyone have any other advice for me? Thankyou! Smile

overheating hijet

Hello mate, if you have not heard the fan cut in yet i suggest you change the fan cut in switch. Mine just changed and it cuts in and out lovely with no overheating at all. Have you checked all your fluid levels for correct level and non contamination??? oil in water or water in oil etc??

This would indicate weather the gasket has failed or not also loss of power and or smoke bellowing out the exhaugst pipe whilst driving it. Get the timing checked out to make sure its set up correctly as this could cause it to run too advanced which could also contribute to your symptoms. You say its using loads of water!! have you managed to find out where its going?? leaking pipes etc or burst radiator perhaps?? pools of water underneath ??? If it is terminal then i'd suggest a recon/replacement engine from a breakers (Ebay) and try that. I honestley cant see the steelseal being a reliable long term fix my friend.

Good luck and i hope you get it sorted. Brendan


Are their any that don't overheat maybe the question although I had one that didn't so I know it isn't true.

In my case it was the fan switch as suggested and I sprayed it with WD40 and it worked. I also found that the two rad cap seals were inneficient and allowed pressure to drop and the temp to rise. Try getting her warm and seeing if all the water pipes harden up, if not then one of the seals is at fault.

The Mechanic seems more of a prat than a mechanic, give up that! is not heard of. If you want to fluch the system therough them remove a hose from the engine , drain it down and then take the caps off and put the hose in untill it runs clear from the RAD CAP. Then fit it all back and refill. Test for leaks and see if she gets hot. You may have to bleed the system to get rid of any air by removing one of the heater hoses. Once staified then drain her down by about a third and top up with anti freeze and give her a good run to mixt the water and antifreeze up. Re check your levels and top up with anti freeze again. Endure the header tank is upto the max with fluid, if not add anti freeze. Be carefull doing it this week as the nights are getting very cold and you don't want her to freeze up.

If you resolve the problem without draining then great but ensure that all the fiddling hasn't weakened your antifreeze mixture!! or that the Mechanic didn't just top up with water.

Good luck

M J Young

Thankyou everyone for your

Thankyou everyone for your advice!I will wait til it gets a bit warmer towards the end of the week and have a good fiddle! Also wil check the fan myself,seems like the prime suspect. I think with these vans you just have to learn to do it yourself. Have had the gasket done so know it isnt that at least. Will let you know how I get on. It runs lovely when it isnt hot so would be great to get it sorted.Thanks again, happy motoring! Smile mich