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hello this is my first post i have just bought a sportrak a 93 and have started doing some greenlaneing in bristol if anyone else is from the area it would be great to meet up as normally jsut go out with some m8s in mine mainly down ringspit lane.

is it possible to remove the lights out of the rear bumper and wire them in to the lights in the body of the car either side of the rear door as there are lenses there is this easy to do


dont know if you will have

dont know if you will have all the sockets in the units you have, i have both wired and running on mine, that way when mines full of mud on the bumpers coming away from my fishing marks the lights can still be seen, not a sporty i know but same setup

Upper rear lights

You will probably find that apart from the reversing light the resst are blanked off as on mine. I'm sure You couuld cut these out and fit some from a breakers yard of a similar size. The wiring is just a case of extensions from the existing lights. I am not sure but I suspect the rear loom may run through that area and by taking of both inner trim panels you shpuld be able to tap in to the appropriate wires. The problem with the ones in the bumper is corrosion and trying to get the lenses off to replace bulbs. Daihasu supplied Stainless bolts but they corrode with the mild steel used on the bumper making it usually impossible to remove and keep the lens intact.


M J Young

Have a look at my comments

Have a look at my comments on this page:
I have since writing thas post done the ad-in myself on a Sporti. It was an easy job, if a little long winded with all the routing wires needed. Using trailer wiring (7 core) made the job eisier. The most awkward part was getting the blank covers out, as the bottom two fixings pull out, then you need to get a 10mm spaner up inside the cavety by bending the cover back, in order to undo the nut holding the top of the cover in. You shouldn't have this problem though going by your post.
I needed to add a towing socket at the same time, so I took a 7 core and connected to all lights needed (putting revurse up what should have been the fog light (blue)) on the passenger side of the jeep. Then took that up into the body behind the 'new' light cluster. I'd taken the plug which joined the cluster to the wiring loom and about 6" of wiring out of the doner car along with the light clusters (if you have the blank covers you will also need the 6 screws and their plastic recepticals for the two light clusters). I wired one of these plugs to the 7 core, as well as a second 7 core which went off to the drivers side cluster. A single wire from the drivers indicater, and a second from the fog light (stopping of to connect to the 'new' fog light replacing the reversing light in the bumper) into the back of the drivers side cluster compleated the wiering needed there. The second plug was wired in here, as well as anouther 7 core going off to the trailer socket (remembering to put the fog light wire right, and not leaving it as the revurse light).

Whole job took about 3 hours.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.