1998 Curore - 847cc engine - OIL EVERYWHERE!



Not really sure what's going on now, so think best to post it for some other opinions.

This relates to the cuore and has the 3 cylinder 847cc engine. (1998 model)

Hadn't looked under the bonnet for maybe a month, and when I did to my horror, there was oil everywhere! Couldn't really locate where but somewhere around top of engine.....

Rocker gasket I thought....so bought a new one and fitted it. Next day after driving, oil is back everywhere....seemed to be coming from the oil filler cap?!?!

Thought the breather pipe might be blocked, so I made sure the little pipe on top of the rocker was clear and now is ust venting to atmosphere. Where the pipe went into the throttle body, I have blocked that off.

I did fit a cone filter on it a little while ago and the venting oil pipe half way down block now goes into an oil catch tank.

Anyway, after doing all this thought it would cure the cuore (hehe)

But checked today and....fresh oil near the oil filler cap dripped everywhere...

is there still to much pressure in engine? is something k-nackered?

help and thanks

p.s. forgot to mention, the car doesn't overheat etc, still drives okay (other than a bit of kangerooing sometimes)

Oil Everywhere!!

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Don't like the new shape much.

Sounds like you have answered your own question.

Buy a new Oil filler Cap !!

See what happens.


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well, I'd like to think that

well, I'd like to think that is it, but someone once said, that ifoil is coming out of there, could have too much crankcase pressure and it finds the easiest way out (in this case oil filler cap)....if I change that it could then make it's way and come out of the dipstick hole instead...

that is if that is the problem.....guess I will get a new filler cap (whereever I can buy that from) and see what happens then on...going to clean all breather pipes at weekend and pipe clean breather airways in rocker.

Need to get myself proper oil catch tank really too!!!